CREATE to Communicate

I will help you communicate your brand’s message through songs and music.  I write advertising jingles, original songs for recording artists,  compose music scores for TV/radio commercials, films and musical theater.   Likewise, I also supervise voice over recording, sound design and production.

Samples of My Work

Advertising Jingles | Music Scores | Sound Design | Voice-over Productions

Music Scoring
Advertising Jingle
Sound Design & Scoring


I am a professional musician, songwriter, composer and producer with 25 years of experience.  Likewise, I am a marketing and creative professional accomplished in developing original creative content and leading high-impact brand awareness campaigns that consistently meet business objectives.

I have been commissioned to write original and quality music soundtracks for advertising, indie films, stage plays and various audio and video productions.  Some of my key clients were cosmetic and hair care brands, car accessories, restaurants, banks and services.      

My expertise is to compose the perfect music to communicate the message of your brand, business or media production.